No Mans Sky

What do we think about No Man’s Sky?

Is it going to be an Empyrion Beater? Over hyped? Boring?

I think it looks interesting but ultimately a bit boring and not as free form as empyrion.


Leaks say that the universe is a straight line, more or less and that upgrades are almost entirely cosmetic.

Don’t get hype for it m8

I was just: hype! Then I saw 59 Dollar and was: low…

For me Planet Nomads and Star Citizen will be interesting…

Star Citizen has been in a “alpha” state for years, spending millions of dollars on things wholly unnecessary and frivolous that the game devs were sued into continuing development for it. I love Wing Commander greatly, but Chris has utterly failed to sway me seeing what little progress he’s made (I saw pre-sales started in 2012).

Well the game thats gonna ruin all space sims out there imo… Dual Universe. just looks insane, and how u can build… Plus everything in a single shard… wow…

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I am also pretty hyped for Duo, but i hope it won’t lag out like space engineers.
Because of SE i am here now haha, couldn’t take the performance issue’s anymore, even with the pretty decent gaming desktop i have.

Any knowledge on when Duo is coming out ?

Duo looks like what Empryion is trying to be but can’t due to the limitations of the Unity Engine :stuck_out_tongue:

I think some of these sims end up being a bit too real. I played Elite Dangerous for a while then just got bored of the monotony of travel. I have messed around in Star Citizen and again, it can be too real.

Duo looks very nice and will appease a lot of people who arent enamoured with NMS. I am liking Empyrion, and especially HWS as it is ‘good enough’ in terms of reality. After many years of playing games abd getting far too serious about them, i want to actually ‘play’ and be entertained. I am happy with PvP (and not the 'PvP means KOS, screw the world I am owed targets kind of PvP) and i enjoy the challenge of competing with players in all aspects of a game, not just the fighting part so i am hopeful Empyrion will continue to develop in that way.

I dont have a PS4 so no NMS but i will keep an eye on Duo and see how it develops.

I played it for a few hours and was done after waiting months for the release along with a 60$ tab. Empyrion is 30 plus 10 server donation. The thing that pissed me off the most, small inventory wtf, graphical repetition wtf, and the biggest nut kicker, dispite what they stated prelaunch it’s not MULTIPLAYER!

Duo looks fun, however I agree with you about realism not being fun anymore to a certain point. I played Eve with the greatest of aspirations xD ended up quitting the game however due to lack of interest/playtime.

I think NMS has (or rather had) lot of potential. I mean sure they’re still going to release things later on, but I think that fact that they are pricing at AAA prices is actually what’s hurting it, just due to the lack of content.

Like, tons of worlds are really neat and all but what exactly do you have to do in them? I mean, you get to scan stuff and mine things, but when that’s done you move to another planet and do the same thing.

But wait, other games also do this too!

Sure they do, but other games (like empyrion) for example have a bit more polish on the worlds and they’re really distinctive, like in terms of type of planet there might be some overlap, but look this is still alpha, we’re not even beta yet boys.

That’s potential.

Anyway, make it a little cheaper and I’ll pick it up! Not to discredit the work of the team who made the game because effort is effort given, just that price tag though.

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I played EVE since like beta 5 and at one point had 5 accounts with 20 chars. I was addicted and helped lead a number of large alliances. Then they broke the game and it wasnt fun anymore.

Early EVE was amazing, the community side and the intergalactic politics worked to a point. Thats what I hope for Empyrion/HWS. Its the meta game that can really make a game shine.

Agreed, 60$ for a SP title with literally no story or any specific objective is not worth imo.

The worst 60$ I ever expended.