No Map Marker for CV in Orbit

I put all of my items (ships and base) on private and then went to make my own faction due to people quitting the server, so no faction owner. Upon leaving the planet to get my CV, there is no marker for it, it is still showing in my items in HWS, and shows position at:

Era 001 6362003 CV Peacekeeper 5 -3450 -3526 -529 342 2005

I tried logging and still no marker. I don’t understand the position numbers, but this was at 11:30 EST, I’v been circling the planet since. Anyway I can have some assistance?

if you click on the ~ key then you type DI it will show a screen that will show your current coordinates. It then becomes very easy to find your ship then.

Is it the same coordinates that I just posted above?

yes. expressed in same way. THis way you can keep moving around. once the CV coord and your coord are close you should be able to see your ship.

Private structures didn’t show up even for you on the map. So I recommend always to set them to faction.

I realize that I should have landed it on the planet before changing out my faction, just wanted to see if I could have any assistance to find it, otherwise we have a CV just lost floating in space for no reason :frowning: and I totally was hoping to lower the number of stuff not in use in my area. I put all the stuff of those who left the server (pretty much my whole faction except one person, including the owner, which was the only reason we changed the faction name) on public so I could break them down.

Did you use the digital command? In combination with HWS Connect Structure Commander you find your ships easy

I flew around for an hour looking, as I said in my original post, “I don’t understand the position numbers”, I was circling looking for it and looked at my pos, I couldn’t figure it out, whatever, I guess I’ll just try again if I can get off planet again. Thanks anyways I guess for answering post at all.

Red. Think of the numbers of a X , Y , Z axis. I.e. space 3 dimensions. Start the DI like we told you. It will show you your current location in the X Y Z axis. Within the X Y Z your can be above the 0 or below the 0. I.e. the 0 0 0 would be the center of the playfield. So, go in one direction and look at the movement of you DI X Y Z information. Go in another direction and look again. You should now have an idea of what direction you need to go to be able to get the X Y Z number on the DI match the X Y Z for the ship location you can get from the web site. Using this method generally only takes at most 5 minutes to find your ship.

Thank you Nopal, that was truly helpful to me for understanding the position numbers, making a tier 1 starter CV to go look again tonight!

@RexXxuS So I made a modified version of the Starter tier 1 CV, and went out and looked again, found it! Went back to my base in PVP space out of the Magrathea system, docked them, went to bed at like 3AM. Woke up in the morning and the base, the CV’s, and 2 SV’s that were there are all gone, poof! I’m now stuck at like 60 km out in space… there was nothing on the wipes timer for that area, any feedback on this would be great!


what is stated in your HWS Connect Intruder log?

Nothing for horsehead nebula, except for my own name as having contact, and I mean every block went poof! Nothing there at all… Of course the intruder thing constantly shows me and my faction members as attacking our own ships, lol, I’m assuming its just from being near stuff… @RexXxuS ?

Yeah it is showing people near you.
I will look into it after work

Just looked in the logs. Don’t know why it is not showing for you but I see your stuff got killed by others. It is pvp so you have to be careful.

55k km out in space is hard to find though.

I warped you to Mars for now

Yeah, we were out over 60k meters no intruders showing in my logs, only my own faction members ever show up as being near them, also rather strange for someone to break every single block, even worthless stuff, on 2 CV’s, an entire base, and 2 SV’s over a couple hours O.o thank you for the warp!

This is a server setting:
DecayTime: 3 # Time after which player-built structures without core or less than 10 blocks get removed when not visited

So removing the core is enough to make everything -poof-

That makes sense!