No Neodyium on Guardian Moon Post Wipe

So I stayed behind on starter for wipe to check things out, and love that there’s danger now and what not, my concern now is the moon has ZERO neodyium. I scanned the planet for deposits initially, and there was only sathium, promethium, and iron. Period.

I knocked out a few deposits to get meteors coming in, they’ve all been sathium and promethium. Dominantly sathium, actually, as I’ve thus far collected a container full of sathium ore and no neodyium.

Been about 2 days on the moon now, with few other people I’ve seen getting there until now (today I saw my first sv and cv besides myself) so I don’t believe it’s a matter of simply not finding it before someone else.

Wondering if it’s possible for a mod to check that neodyium didn’t get removed from a spawn table or can confirm whether or not the moon is buggered.

Ah man, You guys really have forgotton how to survive…no ocd :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

there is so much Neo on that orbit ring around the starter planet its offensive…

a total of 30 i think

when we get scanners things will be easier, but the ring quite litrally cant be missed :wink:


There were loads the last time i checked, most have been mined out…We will do an asteroid regen soon and all will be back :slight_smile:

Never used OCD here.

But yea I was just gonna say I made a few trips through the belt too, only sathium, and 1 iron i think.

Looks like someone made it there mission to steal all the neo, i will stick a small amount on the moon in case of emergency

Thanks for letting me know and No ocd means i know you must have had a good look, not used to the luxuries of the past on starter :smiley:

Idk, I showed up late so it was all meteorites when I started. Wipe brought backs mobs and deposits to starter… and seaweed which is a huge bonus for starting players haha… definitely like the sense of survival there is now not just a relentless grind for the occasional meteor and endless hunt for active seaweed nodes.

but… definitely need an alternative for the neo though if one person can farm enough to halt progress for new guys.

thanks for the quick response though.

I have amended all the moon playfields now, after reset you will see neo :slight_smile:

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