No ocd access

Just tried to access OCD in the web portal and it tells me I have not played the game?

Same. Hws connect saying you havent played on hws yet

Please clear your browser cache and try again.
I did an important security patch in the backend which might invalidates your cache.

It works for me this way.

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Hi. Same problem here. Clearing cache doesn’t help.

Seems like you have a CORS problem, my browser is not allowed to retrieve

Not a problem at all :slight_smile:

I can’t reproduce your issues so I will test later at home in more detail.

Same problem with me.

I can access it from browsers that I haven’t used before. Browsers I have accessed the site from give me the error.

Have cleared everything (cookies, history, cache, site preferences, offline data, active logins, etc) and no luck still. I cleared those for all sites, not just HWS.

Just need to be patient guys.

Edit: It’s also showing all 3 servers as currently under maintenance when trying to use Connect. Has showed that all morning.

Clearing cache - no help. Attempting access via tablet. Last time i was on connect and worked about 12 hrs ago (2am uct+1 ?)

Its all on NA server or?

Worked ok for me from my mobile (I’m on a plane).

I’m not sure clearing cache removes invalidated certs if that’s the problem folks are seeing. But they should be prompted to install a new one if it’s been changed.

Could it be that those having the issue are on the NA server, but not living in the US? Like from Europe?

NA server for me, but I also live in the US.

Did you guys update the cert for steam connect? Who’s your CA?

Can discord if you like.

It shows the same certificates from COMODO CA on every browser I use, the ones that work with connect and the ones that don’t.

I can access HWS connect from EDGE, since I never used it before. My normal browsers (firefox, chrome, andriod mobile) don’t work at all. This is after clearing all cache and etc.

I even removed all traces of firefox from my system then reinstalled, as a test, and I still get the message that I haven’t played on HWS yet.

Hope that helps.

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Did you go into your temporary internet files folder and delete everything in there related to HWS?

In your privacy setting, or while you are clearing cache, make sure you are also deleting session cookies.

Yep, everything was cleared by me. I cleared for all sites, all cookies, all cache, everything. Didn’t matter if it was related to HWS or not, it was cleared. This included manually going into temp folders and clearing them too.

I then did a browser refresh to see if that helped. It didn’t. On all my browsers listed above BTW.

I then proceeded to uninstall firefox and nuke all folders and directories related to it as a test. I then reinstalled and am still experiencing the same issues listed above.

Thanks for the effort :wink:

Is it only if you try to connect to NA or what happens if you connect to EU? (in case you played once on EU)

I have never played on EU before.
I can start a new game there and give it 20-30 minutes to update and test that for you.

Started a game on EU PVP server and same problem.

Can access it from browsers I have never used before but not from my normal browsers.

Additionally you can boost your chrome experience and clear your DNS cache.
If this does not work - let me know :wink:


No change from that, didn’t fix it. Cleared the host cache for the DNS.

Did it in both Chrome on PC and Chrome on android.