No Reward from TJ

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: No reward from TJ
Player(s) with issue: Profje - IanMonsters - Spronlock
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 21h30
Playfield: Event planet 2
Structure Name(s): /
Structure ID(s): ?
How can we help you now: Give loot and make honnor back with painting our names in big in ECCHQ for sucessfully finishing the event. (only loot will already be nice)

So sorry to annoy you again guys (for TJ loot), but this time i managed to finish the event the right way. And was not on top of cargo, i jumped on every tower without falling once. IanMonsters and Profje joined me.

Took screenshots this time…

And as a gift, RED converting to biker-gang…

I can also upload my screenshot of being at that tower

I found the issue and fixed it.
Applied the reward.

Just recived it. Thanks again.

(Did you appreciate the RED-biker-gang? made me lol)

Yeah, even Fasgort tried the Motorbike shortcut and failed. :popcorn:

So i m the only one who managed to make it? :o

Your screenshot showed 2 other guys.

But the issue on EU was, that the End Tower was -10 meter set to low. I fixed it 2 weeks already to have it +10 meter (that is why the End event zone did not trigger)

Talking about the 2weeks ago jump from the side of last tower.
I m pretty sure one good lag allowed my JP to refill while i was stuck not moving (not falling).

Yeah this week Profje and IanMonsters made it.

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