Noob Questions about donations

Hi again and thanks for the patience.

Im not an english native speaker so i will add this questions to know better that how I anderstand and if I was right. I read all of them already.

HWS Donation package:

1- Each time that you purchase you have 7/10 times to do do:re… After the 7 times are gone you must pay again to get again the 7 times to do do:re right?

2- (OCD) is now at level 5. But as I log it says lvl 5 but only display 7 slots. How do you see the other slots if at lvl 5 have 100 Slots ? And do this feature is forever or each wipe you must purchase again.

Resources after wipe combo: I get this one to and same question do this is one time each wipe payment?

Bonus as curious: If i get the planet donation for my faction it is 170 one time payment and it have any cost month by month?

I will keep giving support to this server Im very pleased and thanks for make it.

Thanks for read this and as i sayd…for the patience with me! :heart_eyes:


You get to use it up to 10 times per wipe. Paying another $10 resets the counter.

Your slots will not show up if empty until you use them.


One time. But if it’s faction restricted or permanent PvE there will be tax payments. They also cannot be faction restricted and have rare resources.


Perfect! Thanks for read my post and for the repply. :beers: