Not good for gameplay

Not that it really matters as Wipe 3.0 is coming but just wondered why SWP, OPx, LOL, Thranir and many others felt the need to try and totally wipe out BCL?

The great gameplay of mining around OP fields and then sitting waiting for someone to log on has probably driven away a couple of players. I’ll see I can talk them back but that kind of gameplay essentially drives people out of the PvP fields. Quieter fields, fewer battles, less fun.

Bring on Wipe 3.0 on though- looking forward to more content.


We do have some cheeky fuckers on the server tbh m8. Honestly, the PVP is awful so with that in mind just stick to PVE planets for building.

The wipe for 3.0 looks to fix a lot of the problems the galaxy has, in regards to where is PVP and where is not.

All I can suggest if PVE planets aint your thing or an option for you is stick your stuff in deep space, seems to be the only thing you can do to protect your stuff either that or use your OCD.

On an off topic is there any pre-release notes on what to expect for 3.0?

Regarding Alpha 3.0 dunno, but you can check out the Experimental Branch from time to time.

About HWS 3.0 we release a spoiler here and there soon.