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Problem got solved with other players help.

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Few tips to avoid this in the future:

  • Try to have escape SV pre-made in your factory, that you’re able to spawn at any time if you get stuck.

  • Fuel / Pentaxid can be bought in small amounts (4 at once with Elemental Bank Level 1) without RP cost from market. Use this when you are stuck and need to buy escape fuel if you don’t have OCD 5 to use it anywhere.

  • You should set your base as home with HWS command instead of using the “Set home” button in p-menu. cb:sethome:id (check your structure ID by typing “di” in console). When you die & get stuck, you can type “cb:gohome” to return to pre-selected structure from anywhere in the universe. HWS Commands Info --> Chatbot Commands

  • Ask players in-game for help, or take a look if HWP is available to help you if you’ve forgotten the escape SV. At 6 am it’s unlikely, but players might still be able to help you.

  • If nothing helps, you can always select the “Fresh Start” option to re-spawn to starter planet. This is NOT the same as cb:reset. You will only lose inventory & armor + the boosters in it. Levels etc. will stay the same.

Good luck! I’d come to help you myself if I was home :confused:

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