Not receiving daily loot, again

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What happened:
=> Not getting daily loot, again. I also noticed that if I go through the Player Acticity Log, there are days it was also not received (i.e., Oct 31, OCt 30, 29, Nov 2…) on EU - I’m quite certain that it’ll be the same on NA for me as well, and has extended beyond those dates in the past. Can you please audit my account and provide me with the Daily Loot for the missing days? It adds up. The main one that indicates I received was Nov 6, but I never saw that enter my inventory.

Player(s) with issue:
=> territorialbrewer/ katastrophik

=> EU/NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Nov 6 (minimum)

=> n/a

Structure Name(s):
=> n/a

Structure ID(s):
=> n/a

How can we help you now:
=> Id just like to know i’m getting my daily loot. On top of that, I pay to support monthly and it’s an auto option I don’t want to have to think about. Thanks!

Hello @Katastrophik

the last days I see it’s working on EU:

Before 1th November I see you did not play the game at all?
I think at least logging within 7 days is required to still count you as active player.
@Hayawen can correct me if wrong

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@RexXxuS @Hayawen - Hey guys. I play almost every single day and vote nearly every single day on both servers (maybe with a few very minor exceptions).

Ok that is strange then.
Can you please check if it works now as intended and let us know if not?

I received my daily loot today for both EU and NA, but the Nov 6 one I didn’t. Thanks for the help.


The issue about the 6th was probably the time!? It’s on NA btw.
You clicked exactly at 0:00 for daily. So technically it counted for the 5th even though it was done at 6th. Because Daily Loot resets at 0:00
Is this right Hayawen?

Hmmm. I don’t think I would have clicked at exactly 0:00. That would be ‘very’ unlikely for me.
Am I not supposed to receive my daily loot automatically as a contributing patron at my level of donation? That was one of the big features for me - this isn’t really something I wanted to think about. I just expect to not have to watch the daily containers count down and then click to get them. Am I wrong? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah, sry, I meant the system which automatically collect it.

You should, like on the other days.
Can’t say what happened with the 6th day.
I’ll give you the content manually myself for now.

Thanks Rex. The other thing is why am I not seeing the most recent daily loot drop in my Player Activity Log? on both NA and EU, I have not received the 100 alien containers. I received the previous alient container loot (75) but this one didn’t come. Those were good ones! :slight_smile:

I should be seeing those in my Player Acticity Logs, but am not now that I look deeper. I should see ‘Daily Loot’ Received 100,000 credits, and so on. I’m pretty sure I am not getting some of these. If you look back in the logs, can you verify that?

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