Not so open world anymore?

hay peeps as you allready guessed i have a few vodkas whoop whoop lol. so my grunt and probably the last if things go ahead,i loved empyrion from day one for the open world,the freedom, the feeling to do what you want when you want when you logged in lol BUT its got to a stage where restrictions are coming more into play class size,only one cv aloud here 1 base there,cant dig here cant dig there lol not so OPEN WORLD…we had the same laggs in 2.0 with 40 turrets…and massive cv and bases as in 6.0 hws i love you and your team BUT all the restrictions mmmm not so good .yes you have ocd,am,etc and yes awsome but is no good if you have a million ingots ready for the next wipe and only can spawn a cockpit and a generator lmao with that on the next update i will probably be hws team was hurt or injured in this topic hahahahahahh


we have to be patient with the game developers.
hopefully the data from the Homeworld fight will give them some information.
Alpha Game there are limitations and we always have to adapt and overcome.
the Homeworld Server Community I can call it home.
I exclusively play on here and no one else because I really believe in this server.
you can call me a fanboy or whatever you want.
whenever I had a problem or issue the Homeworld Server was able to help me.


To be honest, we had less lags back in the days with mega cv’s and 100 turrets, i remember fighting swp with mega cv’s in planets surface, the lag wasen’t awful…

I remember having one pve planets and the rest pvp, people had full orbits filled with massive cv’s, and the lag was totally ok, compared if you fight now with only class 3 cv’s the lag is even worse.
I could scout the orbits and planets surface to see massive structures from far away, not an invisible fog.
I have never seen a game put fog infront of you to hide bases, you should be able yourself to increase view distance and bare with the lag.

To come to an conclusion, the devs added to much extra content into the game which caused more lag.
if they only fixed what was broken back then we could have had an nice universe with no restrictions.

2 years of early access with no future of even going beta.
Will we ever see the full release?
Dual universe will be released before they even make it to beta and its gameover.


Yo guys,

thanks for your feedback and @smudgybear for your refreshing drunken discussions. Always worth.

To be honest I am seeing it and it doesn’t make me happy either.

Now you can’t really compare the past with the present but it’s true that some features and even fixes causing more load to the gameplay. Mainly the collision checks to prevent lagshots for example.
There are some major changes and improvements for that in the hood but not sure when they will hit the day.

Talking about HWS responsibility to give everyone a nice gameplay: it’s hard and for many guys too difficult to understand.
The main point is that the restrictions, as shitty as they are, are kind of needed to give everyone an equal feel of playing this game.

Imagine: no limits on PvE planets?! >>> full after few days. 255+ Cores on it? Planet dead. Creating a new planet!? Same story. Now smart guys telling now: 1 planet every 3 days > 1 season goes 90 days > yo, create 180 planets and all is good, right!?
Yeah sure, for PvE guys. They would lovin us, right!?

But wait, what about PvP, right? They want fight, don’t they? But hey, why they can’t find enemies with 180 planets? Where is the damn hotspot?
Alright, let’s have only 1 planet with all the rare + gold resources on it, right? Well, see above, the planet will break due cores or due performance rendering issues.
Especially if one guy coming with a Class 15 CV on a planet of course, with 20 docked SVs + HVs on it, right? I mean, NO LIMITS, right?!
Yeah well, people will get disconnected then 100 percent.

Ok, ok, let’s do more hotspot PvP planets! But wait, the overall bases are not balanced… why I got shot from the ground… why…

Now this dream is not even reflecting that each of these planets would consume 3-5% CPU. 180+ planets… 100% CPU max. ? Do the math.

Don’t need to telling you this, I know. But it’s just true. At the moment.
Nevertheless we have to make compromises and we will do some with the next version.
It’s just two things which are really bothering: First, we can’t make everyone happy no matter how hard we try. Second, the game is just alpha guys and we have to be patient and the will to adapt.


I am quite happy that Rex changed the approach :slight_smile:

“I have more blocks built and own you with them !”

Into :

“I have a more intelligent built and own you with it !”

Haha after more than a year, i think we saw the limit of Eleon’ skills.

Yes this game will go full release one day but probably with most of the old bugs not fixed.

I wish there is a better game on market, so maybe HWS team can move on to a new Era hosting somth better with less pbs and better devs behind :smiley:

If Eleon continue to ignore all the feedback we provided here and on official forum for the MP / PVP part mostly, even no man’s sky will have a better mutliplayer one day…(joke) :stuck_out_tongue:

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If be honest i like the class limits (not happy about 3 class CV but it is still good) and CV\SV\BA\HV limits on playfields on HWS. But i don’lt like the last DEVS work. Now it is the Achilles ’ heel of this game. Yeah maybe devs just don’t have required skills and knowledge of the game engine and how to make game more good. Or if most of ppl know - unity is trash engine.

P.S. Do you see teaser of alpha 7? Again new beatifull textures. Yeah devs can make good textures but other )))

P.P.S Whaiting Dual univers ) And don’t waiting the trash Starcitizen (it game never go to final with all game content - belive me i am one of the first baker)

Agreed they is no other game like it and agree Eleon are trying to do things no other game has. I wish they was another game like this one but done better. I would have no issue moving to it. Over 1k hours in this game for what cost I think £15 when I bought it. Had money worth yes.

It would be great if @RexXxuS did other games. Ark would be a good one (soon full release) but he is one man with a small team who do this for the love.

@RexXxuS cough HWS Freelancer Server cough

old game but a HWS redux could be a lot of fun. Not sure of legalities of rewriting or expanding on the code.

Some people know it: I love Freelancer and a lot of HWS got inspired by Freelancer.

HWS 1 was 50% Stargate themed, since I like it also a lot.
But a Freelancer theme… yeah… as soon as I have more time I thought of a story clone.

I never played freelancer till about 18 months ago but didn’t play it for long as I was heavy into Elite. But I read and seen how good it was. I would be very open to playing a HWS version of this.