Nova dead

Nova seems dead. Hope the restart fixes it, but i fear not.
Make sure not to fly into the planet. We try to get it working tomorrow. But it looks really bad.
A few who could not login, since they were on Nova i warped to New Hope.

If you cant login, let me know.

Testet this morning. Nova worked.
But i would suggest moving out of the planet… to many prolbems with it.

Maybe make a “Nova 2” planet, help people move their stuff (either give them stuff to make a blueprint of their HQ, ships, etc) and allow them then to choose between the 3 planets left. You could wipe or remove the original Nova when everyone has moved on then.

Like i said before, the pve planets will be more than pvp, its better to encourage people to move out in pvp space, i was tired of all the lag so now all my stuff is on pvp, never been better :smiley: