NPC packages not working

Server: EU
Tried different traders
My rep: 43
My credits: plenty
Tried different commands like tn:buy or tn:buy:5
Last trader I tried: Smally’s trader (50k one)

I keep getting the message “Sorry, but you can’t buy more/that many packages today.”… But I didn’t login for like a week or something… Is it broken or disiabled? I didn’t see an announcement anywhere. I didn’t buy anything yet today!

My OCD is so empty please I need to hoard moooooar :wink:


And the elemental bank is unpowered. They didn’t pay their electricity bill? They went bankrupt? Noooooo!

I waited for a few mins at the ele bank, only 9 players online, but no welcome message. Is it broken as well?

Oh oh… corruption spreads out…

Your coordinates for both cases would be good. Maybe the move around bug happens again.

Are you in a Trader Origin?

The coordinates would not explain the NPC trader error. The NPC traders DO give the welcome message but the bank does not.

Here is my ele bank pos:

And no I’m Alliance origin.

Possibly related. EU server, tried npc trader mall in em (first time attempting to buy from npc). Kept getting ‘out of zone’ message. Stood in front of sign, tried at checkout desk and random locations. Same ‘zone’ message each time. Eventually gave up. Guardian.

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