NPC trader cannot complete transaction

Trying to buy an ore package from NPC trader. Purchased trough npc trader on HWS connect, nothing happens in-game. Cannot find Trader mall to complete transaction.

Don’t see anything in your logs.

Missing info and can’t help without info:

When did you click on the buy button on HWS Connect?
Which button did you click?
Where you online or offline?

Was online, bought the package on HWS connect, prompt said delivered, no in game prompt. Unsure what to do.

Is there a trader mall where i have to receive package>? where is it?

And do you were online for 5 minutes before you clicked?
Did you try the command “cb:startjobs”?

No, they are not delivered globally:

As an owner you still can have a local trading zone though.

You maybe clicked on the button for an EU Trader although you play on NA. This does not work.

I clicked the wolfs shop ore package, which said delivered. But nothing happened in-game.


Well since I don’t know the exact time but checking the logs it was a canceled delivery ingame because you had not enough credits or RP or both.

14.04.2018 09:20:28 Server Empyrion @anrkii:Sorry, but you are missing 35,000 Credits on your Bank account

If HWS Connect says “Delivered” it just means the game got the command you sent to it.
But if you don’t have the required credits / RP you get nothing. (hence nothing was taken from you).

I show to have the amount of credits in the account as needed, what am I doing wrong here?

Ah! Finally I found the problem…

The reason why you didn’t get anything is because the owner of that NPC Trader is not active anymore.
Accidentley the information were still on HWS Connect.

I removed it from there now to stop the confusion.

ok. much noob confusion, thanks.