NPC Trader Doesn't Work?

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Couldn’t find the NPC trader trade zone despite trying every place in the area
Player(s) with issue: Ranzeth
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 11:03
Playfield: ECC
Structure Name(s): ECC Trader Mall
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now:

Confirm that the Trader mall is working correctly. I can see the welcome message, but when I ask to purchase it says I am not in a Trading Zone, and I can’t seem to find the trading zone no matter how hard I look.

The NPC Trader zone isn’t a colored rectangle now. The zone is now “near” the NPC Trader you can speak to.
Try to stand there for a while and it should work.
Otherwise while you stand there you can give me the coordinates and I’ll check.

I’ll have to do that another night, but I stood behind him, above him, in front of him and all the other squares and I got the same messages.

Rex, sitting here in front of the Trader trying to purchase trader package - tells me I"m not in a trading zone.

Problem resolved… I was using the wrong command lol.