NPC Traders on NA

Greetings! since it is difficult to directly talk to the people with NPC traders I thought I would ask for those of you with them to post on this tread to talk. I would LOVE to buy your NPC packages but none of you seem to sell anything I want, so I forced to travel to EU to buy things. Here are the complaints:

High RP costs, Most people will not buy an NPC package that costs more RP than they get in one day. Please keep it below 8 RP.

Food products, I don’t need grow plots, I can get my own. Please don’t sell these.

Medic Supplies, you realize we can buy them for cheap at the hospital? please don’t sell these.

Ammo, seriously? It is very cheap on the planet surface.

Now that I have told you what I don’t want. Here is what I and probably other people DO want.

Erestrum and Mag ore, PLEASE keep the ore in one package to keep RP costs down. I will limit what I buy (others will to) based on RP costs. One stack of Ere with one stack of Mag should only cost 1rp. This means I will buy the max number of packages.

Tier 2 RCS, Tier 2 generators, Base Repair bay’s. Again two stacks of 100 or 4 stacks of 100 (with nothing else) to keep RP costs down.

Thank you for listening and I hope to see our market change soon.

A turret package

I agree with this, NA packages are total crap

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Trying to get Rex to update npc traders has been a year long process for people who have them. I figure he is very busy so I don’t bother him about it much.

Agreed on the he is busy, but I mean as of right now the ones on NA are kinda useless or outdated. Plus now there are new slots available, people are not going to want them if they cannot update items at least once a season.

I´ve contacted Rex a few weeks ago and adjusted my Package, you should try to catch him again @Serious_Squirrel.

And as Chaplain already said, you can find some good NPC Trader on EU (like the amazing UST NPC).
Maybe some of the old Traders on NA dont play this season or dont care for their package anymore - because of the missing income from sales.

A bit over exaggerated. Sometimes it takes some time and I’m sorry about it but the more you ping me about it the higher the pressure for me. Until I will do it.
I have to many stuff I want / need to do.

Currently coding the Delivery System which will be a revolution for NPC Trader and maybe some donate for them again then.
Currently we have a lot of dead corpses lying around.

I figure he is very busy so I don’t bother him about it much. :stuck_out_tongue:

ui… I see… ok ok… done!

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trader is updated thanks Rex

Nice package Squirrel, the best one on NA I think.