Ocd and am problem

Hello since this afternoon my ocd an am have been wiped there is nothing inside and when i put order in game like ocd get it is empty, plz help.

everything else seems correct on hws connect.

Same here, OCD wiped and AM’s gone. I just sent 3 items to the OCD and those are there, but my main stuff seems all gone…

+1 - What happens with AM? HWS Connet shows, that its empty.

uh oh, Same here…lets hope they are updating or something…otherwise 150 hours of accumulation have been for nothing

All gone. I’m soooo sorry :smiling_imp:

Just Kidding

Sorry for the hickup it was actually my fault and i did not notice. I fixed it… all back-. Just takes 1 or 2 minutes to get the recent changes also in. But all is back again :wink:

Thx boss :slight_smile: