OCD back to old just for this wipe

Rex would you consider setting th OCD back to old settings just for this out of place wipe. We took out a lot of resources from it to build ships etc. and since wipe is happening I’m just gonna end up packing it / recycling it back up. Problem is now I have no more space :frowning:

I really support the OCD change and know it will balance over time but just for this since it’s out of place as a wipe

The other option (if easy to code) which I like better is to allow players to buy (in game credit) slot upgrades (not the whole OCD). Say for example for 1M you can now store 100k per slot or some reasonable price

Would you consider either?

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I know this is requested by some hoarders and OCD huggers.

To be honest we already need to do some magic tricks to keep your credits on the 7th july wipe. It would be way more complicated to have a temp OCD revert. For now not really possible and would destroy the whole meaning of the OCD change. I know that some people are still crying about the nerf and propably will till the end of HWS but mainly because they didn’t understand why it was done / needed.

Anyways, building dedicated donation / EGS options only for OCD slot boost is interesting.
Since some people are going to beat the final end mission to reach OCD level 7 I think there needs a new mega long term goal soon…

Will think about it


One idea might be to allow us to buy individual slot upgrades? for example OCD:1:buy upgrades the ocd slot 1 from 50k to 60k for 1 mil, etc etc. I know that doesnt seem like a fair price to anyone glancing at it, but considering it in the long term, it would provide customization to their OCD, and an extra layer of OCD to our OCD :slight_smile: