OCD Bugged?

According to the guide you are supposed to be able to put unlimited amounts into the OCD daily, however, I can only ever place one stack per day(which would make sense if I was ‘getting’ as I am lawless). I was told by someone in chat the other day that you have to be in a PVE zone to ‘put’ unlimited in OCD. So today I tried in a PVE sector and still can only do one stack. Is this a bug?

It actually works only for some PvE zones. If you’re lawless, it’s only Elemental Marketplace. The other PvE zones that work for putting items in OCD are faction planets.
Switching PvPvE and CSW systems are not considered PvE by ocd.

Technically you should be able to fly into atmo of a faction planet, depost or get
and fly out before the timer. Buuuut itd be easier to just go pirate if you dont want restrictions, and then use their planet. You dont get anything out of being lawless that you cant get as being a pirate.

Playfields which rotates are not counted as PvE. Only the pure PvE planets like Earth, faction planets, EMO, etc.

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