OCD changes didnt update my OCD correctly

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What happened:
=> I logged in recently for the first time in a while and my OCD has been changed dramatically. I know over time you have had to make changes to the OCD, but after reading up on the OCD levels, it appears a mistake has been made. I have OCD level 5, which entitles me to keep 100k of common ores and ingets, however, all mine have been capped at 50k.

Player(s) with issue:

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 1430


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> I would like my common ores and ingets to be put at 100k since my OCD is level 5. Needless to say, before the update, i had hundreds of thousands in each of those stacks, but i understand that as time has gone on, you have made changes.


You know rare once are 50k right?

Yes, but im talking about common ores as i mentioned in my post.

You haven’t played in a year so you are a little confused.
It was just raised up to 100k for common ores. It was 50k for level 5 before that.

There is no mistake here. Your levels were dropped to 50k like everyone else a few seasons back and then after that you are now allowed to put more. You have to fill them back up.

My Silicon (ore), Iron (ore), Copper (ore), Cobalt (ore), Sathium (ore), Promethium (ore), Hydrogen, Pipes, and combat blocks, and ammunition other than explosives have all been reduced to 50k. I understand why the ingots are capped at 50k, because it says ingots are considered rare. But everything else should be at 100k limit.

Thanks for clarifying. Also is there still a command for donators? I made a donation that was supposed to refill every season. It gives supply package up to 10x. or did you guys change that too?

do:re and do:bp are the commands you are thinking of, and yes they are still a thing.


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