OCD dont get my food

Cant get food from OCD, 2 item with number 31, can someone help me?



I see you have quite some double entries. When did you create them? Could it be that this happend a month ago? Or is it something new?
I already fixed a couple of your items, but still have to do some, when you are not using it.
Best would be if you could empty the duplicate ones, so that i can remove them.

There are many double item … they usialy create after restart … can u fix them all without delete item in OCD?

what do you mean with that?

Yes I will fix them without loosing items, but best is if you would empty those duplicate slots. Especially those with 1 or 2 items that are not so important.

only one of them can using

beyong restart server all will be normal. After restart i can see double item in ocd, but cant us them.

The one you can is enough

Every time? That would be strange.

No every time.

They are still duplicated. You can help?

As I said. It would be nice if you would clear the duplicate ones…

I had to do it now myself with much more work. All shoudl be done.

Ok I’m try to clear it …

I see u will correct all item, BIG pirates THX to u