OCD Get all command

I was on yesterday and I was doing several things at once. I inadvertently typed the command of “get all” instead of “put all” for the OCD. Now I freely admit that this was my error. I “had” enough mats in the OCD that there was not enough room for it all and “POOF” it was gone. I bring it up because I am sure I am not the last person that is going to do that. I like the fact that most of the sever spamming messages have been changed and no longer appear but I think that it might be better for everyone if that particular command ask for confirmation or not destroy all the “extra” mats that do not have a slot. Thanks for your consideration.


ehm don’t know if I understand you right but ocd:get:all only give you stuff till your inventory is full. If your inventory is full the OCD don’t vanish the rest.

I may have been mistaken about the rest of it disappearing. I thought I had more in it then when I check afterwards. Again I may have been mistaken. If so I apologize for wasting your time.