OCD has cooldown on PVE planet

The planets that are not perma-pve (like Jagal) give me cooldown penalties even when the planet is flagged as PVE during the weekend. Is this a bug or intended?

So I gotta warp to a starter area (where I’m not supposed to be anymore) to get/put items from/to the OCD?


for now it is intended. Or at least till we have time to implement it technically. I assume you are lawless?!
The way to go would be Elemental Market Orbit / Planet for you till then

Thanks for the info. I’ll use the market/faction planet then. So for now it will cost ~2x50 crystals to use the OCD on temporary PVE planets for warping.

yeah its pretty sick, while traders just need to wait 7 minutes to take out from ocd…

Rex, it might be a good idea to update the rules/story. Instead of saying “cooldown on PVP”, perhaps say “cooldown on non-permanent-PVE”

I have seen some others confused about this in the past.

Yeah, good point till we sort this out. Will do