OCD Hiccup?

I was trying to put a number of items into the OCD yesterday for storage.
After having done it a few times I stopped getting the message telling me to log out and wait 10 second, and it seemed like others had the same issue.
I thought it just was not working for the moment and thought no more of it.

Then when I log on today I find that all the items on my character is missing.
After some searching, I find that they have all been put into the OCD.
It seems that the system has processed the last OCD command I gave(OCD:put:all) after I logged out for the night yesterday.
Because of the cooldown for retrieving items from the OCD its going to take a long time for me to retrieve those items, so if you could help a little with that, it would be nice, if not then its not worse than that I can make those items again and then retrieve them later.

If you can help its item slots 3 through 18 I would like to retrieve.
Slot 1 has items I want to keep in the OCD.

All is good. It worked like intended and known.

What you are talking about is this post Jascha made and we announced:

We have to reduce the chatspam and we doing it this way. New player still get these messages though.

I didnt know about that announcement, but it explains it all.
I’ll have to retrieve the items from the OCD eventually, but with the cooldown it will take some time.
At least its nothing I cant quickly make again.

In PvE playfields you don’t have a cooldown… will make that clear on the story page

Yeah I figured that out, but I still had to log out for each slot I wanted to collect from, and thats a lot of logging when you have to collect from many slots(17 slots in my case here)
Is there some way you can make it so I can queue up commands up to retrieve items from multiple slots in the OCD instead of having to log out for each slot you want to retrieve from?

? Thats what we did. Just que them, and at the end log out wait 10 seconds, log in… and all commands are done.

I did that, but it didnt work.
I queued them up logged out and back in, nothing happened.
I had to do them one at a time, and log out after each one.
You sure its working properly?

Hey Banshee,
yeah we are 99,99% sure it is working :wink:

The 10 seconds are very important.