FIrst of all, Bob said when I essentially told him I was going to start in RE" Forget everything you know and good luck". I want to report, He was not wrong.

I have yet to really get out of the starter planet system to much. I did leave but came back due to feeling really under prepared for the journey. With that all being said, My question comes down to OCD usage.

Am I to see that the only place for OCD(RE) is in the ECC sector? I am fine with this but I am not sure how to utilize this. I am still limited by my personal weight capacity. Which default and from what I have read does not change much. Once again, I am still young in my journey and have not opened up the new armor to see if that helps with weight capacity.

I enjoy the realism of not being able to carry a Dover Castle on my back. However , If I have access to this UFO storage by golly I am going to use it!


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in NA & EU we are used to having a virtual suitcase that follows us throughout the universe. in RE it more like a safety deposit box at a bank. there are currently 2 zones where it can be accessed both in the ECC solar system. there are 2 smaller versions of ECC HQ. one on planet and the other in space where the HWS Garage is usually located. the OCD zones are on the roof as usual. u can use the connect “feature” in the logistics menu to put items in the orange hot bar. then use ocd:put to store items.

so in short, no more on the fly OCD access. emergency resource pulls can be done with the very handy orbital auto miners though. i highly recommend pentax and promethium. u will thank me later for this :wink:

Thanks Bob for your patience with me. I know I ask a lot but then again If I dont ask and I can not find it I wont know.

I do have the orbitals but have not gotten to the ECC zone to fuel them . Assuming i need to go there …

I totally was not going to do those 2 but instead do Zasc and the oterh hard to find ones but I may change my tune now .

from what i have noticed. the OCD is more of an end season tool in RE. u can choose to setup camp near ECC though for easier access. i have been exploring the galaxy and limiting my trips to HQ. each system i have been to seems to have everything needed to gtfo and hit a neighboring star. this is not “always” the case so be prepared with more than double fuel/pentax costs in reserve…u will thank me later for that also :wink:

thanks for the awesome information.

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