OCD Quantity Ls.Charge SV


Ls.Charge SV are pulling out of the OCD in stacks of 500. They stack in the player inventory in 200. That means if you pull out a full set from OCD less than half will fit in your player inventory and you have dozens upon dozens of boxes floating around.

Please make Ls.Charge SV pull from the OCD in stacks of 200.



yeah that is a problem since Items where moved to the config and can be edited there. I’ll have it on my list, but it might take a bit. I will look into it this week though.

Thanks for the info



Hey friend! While you are making that change I was wondering if you could also make the change for the following items.

Furnaces, Advanced Constructors, T2 Generators, Repair Station.

These pull out of OCD in 1s. These stack in your inventory in 100. You can pull 49 out into OCD that then stack into your inventory as 1 stack of 49. I have 60k of this device it will take me years to pull them all out of my OCD. Please make these devices come out in stacks of 100 if possible. Not something urgent but if you are in that part of the code and can make the change I will love you long time.


Thanks. But if we fix it, all will be fixed automatically, no need for more infos ;). but thanks a lot.

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