OCD: What Am I Doing Wrong?

I’m trying to use OCD for the first time. I type ocd:put:1 but nothing happens. Any help appreciated.

Have you logged out and waited 10s before logging back in? Also the website can take up to 2 mins to update.

Well after 2 hours, the website says there’s nothing in OCD. Am I doing it right? Shouldn’t an item in my inventory disappear?

OCD is working fine so far.
You history:

10.08.2016 22:56:37 Kar TARKUS ocd:put:1
10.08.2016 22:56:37 SERVER Server @TARKUS: sorry, but you have no space in your OCD.

10.08.2016 22:57:25 Kar TARKUS ocd:get:all
10.08.2016 22:59:14 Kar TARKUS oct:put:1

So all good except your last command. You misspelled oct instead of ocd.

So if that last one is correct, shouldn’t there be a minigun in slot 1 on the website? Doesn’t what’s in slot disappear from the hand inventory?

I guess it’s too fuckin late now. I wanted to get this resolved before the wipe. I had alot of credits and ore and was ready to donate.

the 3.0 universe was damn lot work. And the patch today a surprise.
I gave you the stacks into your bank. All good

Ok. Thanks. I appreciate it.