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Is there any way we can download our OCD? Copying the thing down is taking away from my game time! :slight_smile:


such requests are always welcomed :slight_smile:

Export OCD to XLS

If you go over HWS Connect Settings > Hotview you have the download button as soon as you navigated to your OCD.
The whole table will then be exported as XLS file (full timestamp in the download file).

Some tests:
Excel 2016 will also download the images after a while. Libre Office won’t do it.

Have fun!



Hi Rex - it didnt work for me in either IE or firefox. Clicked button but no download.

Is excel specifically required? I use a different program but is fully xls compatible.

The download didn’t work or open it with your program?

Was the button visible at least?

Yes the button was visible. Clicked it but nothing happened no download, no opened program.

I see… I need to stop thinking people using good browsers :smiley:

Let me code compatible versions.

Alright - wasted a lot of time but the official statement for now is: no IE / Edge supported. Sorry guys. Web standards are existent for reasons. And this browser is just doomed and I hope it will die sooner than later.

But at least I get it to work for Firefox.

Confirmed - works in Firefox - thanks.

If you want access to view OCD while in game. At the server select screen in the server info box
click HWS Connect. Once you logged in through steam you will have access to view OCD, OAM
and the rest simply by Shift-Tab while in game.

Hope it helps. I use it every time I log in.

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