Odd death and respawn bug

Location: Elemental planets (space)
Localized: unknown
If applicable:

Reproducibility: cause unknown
Severity:minor to major

Summary:after my factions cv came to a stop i got out of the seat died and respawed at a random clone chamber.

Description:After warping me and another member of my faction flew to one of our ships in the elemental planets system, then i got out of the seat died respawned at a random cloning chamber half way across the system. when the other member of my faction looked for the backpack it had dissapeared. I was also unable to to find it. the ships control panel even showed one passenger while i was on our other ship in system.

Steps to Reproduce: unknown

I can confirm a similar issue a factionmate had as well. He logged off alive and unharmed on Uranus pre-wipe, and he had logged back in to him dead. He respawned again but somehow ended up in a cloning chamber of a different faction’s base on Uranus. Not sure of any steps to recreate, but I can see the symptoms are the same.