Odd turret behavior on CV's

Hi everyone,

Since we had heard news of the wipe, we decided to go all out and spawn our best CV’s fully armored and loaded them up with ammo. We had 2 CV’s - one extremely large battle cruiser and a smaller one. The larger one had over 100 turrets, the smaller had around 30-40.

Both were fully powered and fully loaded with the correct ammo. This was a combo of cannons, rocket, and plasma turrets (we know plasma is space only)

When we would approach other SV’s or CV’s, it appeared that only one or two turrets would actually fire, no matter how close we were. No matter where we were, which CV it was, we saw the same behavior. We saw this in both space and planet side.

Is this normal? Or is there something we need to watch out for when we have a CV with that many weapons?


If the CV is spawned as a blueprint most likely the turrets weren’t activated - it’s an old bug. Don’t know whether it’s on Alpha BPs as well but for Pre-Alpha builds you would need to face the turret and press T once for each turret of the spawned build.

The first part I agree. For the second part there is an easier solution. Just press P, let everything autogroup and then select your Turret tab. On the right you have an “active” checkox. Toggle that and everything should be active.

But generally there is kind of “limit” for turrets. Especially on multiplayer servers. The higher your ping the less turrets will shoot. Every turret needs to calculate the target / rotation / ammunation etc. at least this was my experience. Had one of the biggest ships with hundreds of turrets and enemies had 5 SVs. Guess who won? :wink:

Thanks for the replies guys! Both those reasons makes sense. I wish there was an easy way to test this stuff out in creative mode but I guess that’s half the fun right? Spending 100K ingots on a CV to find out it doesn’t fire :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It also sounds like SV’s are more effective against CV’s than I thought

I think we should set some realistic caps on turrets to help cut down on lag for the US Server (I assume the “old server” in Canada). If you end up leaving it the way it is it’s just gonna be a lagfest like it was before and turrets will be next to useless. I’m not asking for a restrictive limit on turrets, like, 100 per core sounds reasonable enough to me, that way the ship should ideally function okay with other things in space. It’s when people spawn mega bases on land which have over 100 turrets in a giant wall I’m concerned with.

Normally I’m not a fan of limits like that but I do agree with this - I could see this being something the devs could easily implement as a server parameter. MAX_TURRETS_PER_CORE

I have been experimenting with this with a few different CV’s and the CV’s with fewer turrets fire better/more consistently than ships with tons of turrets.