Offline protection

Offline protection dosent work. Last morning I filled up energy since i knew i couldent play during the day. When i came back in the evening the base was destroyed and they have stole my big CV.
So i think this will be a great time to try another game for a few Days. I know i had all Buildings and ship in faction because a ship got destroyed when i spawn one to Close to base.
I dont want PVE only rules that works :slight_smile: Lost Everything cause a feature dident work as it is suppose to do.
Offcourse i had offline protection build in building and on my big CV.

Hey jinko,

oh, sorry that that happened. We mentioned from time to time that OP is exploitable. The next patch with the fix is coming next week so PvP will make sense then again.
Many lost their stuff due to this too. Like for the others only thing I can do is to gave you your packages again.

Not your fault that this happens the game is in alpha. Great that they fix this with next patch :smiley: