'Oh Death! Where is thy sting?'

Ammo Draining Problem:

Death(s) should deliver STING !!!

What if there were a penalty imposed once a player experienced X-# deaths within Y-amount of time?

A penalty severe enough to dissuade folks who care not if their death count runs HIGH and their RP drains low…

What would such a penalty look like?

Thinking out loud here…

Could it work the same as the penalty for entering too much foul language?

The ban lasts for how long? and it’s imposed automatically… I think.

You would in effect be permitted X-# deaths per day without penalty, after which your poor soul would be on HWS vacation for a few days to reconsider your survival skills… perhaps practice a bit in a single-player mode?

Anyone else have ideas/comments on this subject?

The benefits are three-fold:

 1.  Bases/CVs won't be ammo drained (as much)
 2.  Admins / Police need not be bothered with instances of ammo draining.
 3.  Players are encouraged to stay alive / not die so much due to massery.   (duh-massery)

No thanks. I have 4 deaths:

  • Died on Mard due to no oxygen.
  • Died once to SWP when I opened fire on them (not the brightest idea).
  • Died twice to bugs (fell into planet due to crash when leaving planet and one crushing damage today. I left my cockpit and instantly died due to unknown crushing damage…

So 50% of my deaths are to bugs… However, you also mention RP. But what if I bug-die after switching faction? What if I would be a pirate and die so often because of combat that I can barely get any RP? Also why would a pirate care about RP? They probably pay no taxes or anything anyway. Then there is spawn-camping and god knows what.
What if your base is under attack and you die 50x defending it vs a superpower? Then after 10 deaths you are ‘on holiday’?

So please no.


It would to be set to a number high enough and within an amount of time that could only be attributed to ammo-draining.

Who dies 20x within 10 minutes to … spiders?

Is that common?

Do those #s only apply to instances of ammo-draining?

That’s what I’m referring to… high death # within a very short time.

I’ve played since Sept. of 2015 and never died 10x within 10 minutes…

The only folks who would be affected by a well-designed penalty - are ammo drainers.

Is the community in support of this practice? (ammo-draining)

Good point there…

For now - we have the Police / reporting system to handle ammo-draining.

It would be nice if the penalty process were somehow automated.

You think too black and white.

These few bug deaths or lazy deaths are not important at all.

Ammo Draining is a pattern which can be under some circumstances be predictable.
So we had once the idea to warp people away from the ammo draining base if died too often in a short period of time. So let’s say 99% would fall as ammo drainer in this scenario. The 1% who going shopping while a spider is eating your legs is not important - shit happens.

But warping was still not accurate enough so we implemented for now credit / RP loss. This can be not important for some people too so we are at the one hand talking with the devs about a solution and on the other hand maybe introduce more strict ways.

The current way of the game is just not designed for this stupid “Spawn at nearest location” at all! It is to be honest good for Single Player. For Multiplayer maybe just for PvE playfields.

This sounds for me like a chessgame. You should know when to fortify! And don’t hope for this

What about ammo draining by spawning garbage bases that are just blobs of steel for turrets to shoot?

[quote=“Mordgier, post:6, topic:2063, full:true”]
What about ammo draining by spawning garbage bases that are just blobs of steel for turrets to shoot?
[/quote]Oh I thought this was legit. Because it can also be used as a decoy for the turrets to shoot while you blow up the turrets from the other side. Which is not ammo-draining. I prefer CV’s for it and just drop it on top of their base so they can’t shoot you at all :smile: Massive horizontal wall falling down! And then some turrets blow themselves up.

As Tiny said. I see this as a valid combat tactic since you need at least the resources to build this decoy.

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For every measure - a counter.

Humans are nothing if not ingenious (crafty/resourceful).

Like squirrels !

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