Ok whats going on here?

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What happened: I lost a another ship and a tones defence tower and I have been going into them though the P menu and its only been 3 days since the last time I touched them. When I asked for you guys to return the last items that i lost and found out u have to touch each item so it doesnt get lost I have been and now I lose another SV and another Tones defence tower. I work hard for my resources to build items and for what for them to disappear
Player(s) with issue: Write here
Server: Eleon studios offical US server
Time (cb:time): last couple of days
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): dont remeber the SV name and Tones defence tower
Structure ID(s): dont have
How can we help you now: replace my items plz


first of all I understand that this template and forum might be handy for your problems / solutions but it is NOT the right place!
Everything here belongs to HWS so any further one has to be rejected (as I said last time).
You have to go HERE for your problems:

So just a look on your situation you still didn’t touch them, P menu interaction etc. doesn’t count.
The touch system works quite reliable so make sure this won’t happen again.

Sine the Tone Defense Tower # 1 was deleted more than 3 days ago I can’t restore it from the backup as well unfortunately (as well as the other structures).
Remember: 14 days is quite a long time for touching them but if additionally 3 days past away, we don’t have the option to restore them anymore.

Rex but its not right it has not been 17 days since they have been touched
I know this for a fact and its not just me its other players as well were losing our stuff and we are touching them this is not right that we work to gather our resources to build and then lose them

How did you touch them? Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.

I see your other structures are touched more often.

I touch them by hitting P adding fuel turning lights on and off

Yep, and exactly that is not touching.

Touch by definition is standing ON the structure or be IN the cockpit.
Standing next to it, even if your nose is almost touching the walls, is not touching.

ok then ill make sure to get on them can u plz replace the ingots for the defence tower as it costs a great deal to build not to metion the ammo for it

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