Old story

Can you do me and especially YOU the favor and just stop doing this?
I mean… common… go play minecraft or pokemon if you like a lot of items.
Saves us really time.

Someone was a busy bee it seems :slight_smile: Tell us Rexx whos busy bee!

Is this on happening on HWS? :open_mouth:

Gimme those emergency kits!

Gonna cry foul on all those emergency kits - dont they need a harvested item?

Happy to be proved wrong but I just dont get this…

Covers lazyness since the invention of the Doppler-Effect.


seems legit

Why bother playing like this, 1 min into game, game complete. Fun experience 1%. Now onto next game to ‘Have more fun!’

Also, How hungry is your guy? lol

He’s a fatty sjdow, those emergency kits just aren’t enough calories xD

to be honest i would dupe reactor cores and hamburgers. Yummy.