One Way Warp

Could someone who has one way warp from starter sector to other sectors please share your Sectors.yaml section for both the starter system and one of the systems it warps to that doesn’t warp back to it.

Thank you in advance for your time,


I’m currently at work but what problem do you have by creating it?

It is quite easy with our tool to make:

Just set starter orbit A to allow destination orbit and deny destination orbit to orbit A.



I was using allow/deny to explicitly set who could warp where and it was leaving warp lines from everywhere to everywhere. I fixed this by removing all allow/deny except the actual one way warps, then moving things far enough apart that the one way warps only applied where I needed them to and it fixed the issue. My galaxy now looks and behaves properly when travelling between systems. I really would have liked to set it up so that all warps are only like 1 - 4 pentaxid each, but I guess I can compensate by making the stuff grow in all biomes…

I have other questions, but I’ll need to start another topic for those.

Thanks, RexXxuS,