Only traders can reach 100 RP to live on the reward planets?

Ok this is a provocative post but still true.

And i dont mean rich players who can simply buy RP.

Traders get +3 RP daily for sales in the blackmarket. Just sell a stack of iron for 1 credit and make a noob happy. Traders get another RP for staying in PVE space. So some days off is good for traders !

Guardians have to kill a pirate for +3 RP. Where the hack shall i find a pirate to kill ? And i hope he is not killing me.

Pirates get +3RP for killing players… not easy ro catch players in empty PVP space.

The same for freelancers and hunters… no way to get the PVP kills they need.

The origin stuff should be worked over.

Rex, change RP gain to autominer counting on M31P and Athos, that would give us a chance xd

Actually I like the RP system a lot. It rewards class play.

Freelancers are in the middle not specializing anywhere but not really penalized either.

Pirates all PvP and carry a 999 gold bounty on them.

Hunters get paid $$$ to kill.

The only point of the RP planets is to live PvE and put more auto miners down which is what traders an guardians do…

There are 3 completely PvE zero RP planets and 2 PvE rotation planets. RP system and planets are fine.

I forgot to add: •Can buy RP at the EGS building If getting there is that important.

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Arent you the same guy who thinks that the biggest thing wrong with pvp at the moment is “sv weapon macros”?

FYI good luck selling something every day on the black market. But I am curious what you mean by

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I mean that certainly someone will buy a stack of ressources for 1 credit on the black market. What in that sentence is not clear for you ?

And, yes, i am the guy complaining about macro use in SV to fire all 6 weapon groups in a moment instead of just one. I hope your intellect is sufficient to calculate 6 x 1 while i doubt that.
So i must show you the effect personally in Golden Globe or in Homeworld sector.

My intelleoengence is suficent: yes?

I understand what you meant, and did the first time you said it. The part that I keep tryting to explain to you is that each gun must then be reloaded individually. All you gain is volume of fire in short period, but over more then 2 shots, there is no advantage to “macro firing” as you must then reload 6 times, while the enemy is able to fire with just homing rockets and hit you consistently during this time.

How exactly is
Rex, change RP gain to autominer counting on M31P and Athos, that would give us a chance xd

I mean that certainly someone will buy a stack of resources for 1 credit on the black market.

And to my original statement, what I was trying to say is that the black market is underutilized. It doesnt matter if you sell materials for ludricously low costs, not enough people check the online only listing, then purchase to keep a daily volume of sales. Just ask Tomcat exactly how much of his million + resources he was able to sell in over a month for sale on the black market at 1 credit per ingot.

FYI I was honestly interested in a dialogue to figure out what you meant, and have not seen you on the forums other than your multiple posts on a subject no one else has ever once complained about. Immediately responding with insults was more than a little uncalled for.

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Ok, concerning SV macro fire, all of my SV have max of all weapons. I stat reloading them all. Then my macro shoots 1,2,3,4,5,6 in just a click. Of course the weapons have to reload at some point, but thats valid for a single weapon group too.
The firepower you get by this is devasting.

Ok blackmarket, if you sell a stack of resources for 1 credit you get 3 RP per day as a trader. Still anything not clear about that ? A stack of irion from some of your 636785425 autominers on M31P (hey Rex, hint ! hint ! ) costs you nothing.