Op4 Guide to Building on HWS PvP Planets

This is a how to guide on how to build survivable bases on a HWS PvP planet. It is intended to
encourage more players to build on PvP planets. There are other ways however this is what we do.

This guide is a work in progress. Any constructive input from players will be added.

Countering Common Assault Tactics:

  1. Avoid the Rush and Cover assault.
    a) Don’t park CV’s inside your bases perimeter.
    b) Don’t have tall structures above ground.
    (These allow assaulting players to RUSH then use them as COVER while eliminating your bases defenses.)

Base Construction:
Sandwich Layers- If used to their full tactical advantage this HWS feature all but replaces offline protection.
Bases placed between them effectively remove the ability of any assaulting players to attack from above or
below. Strategic placement will also remove other directions your base can be assaulted from. The fewer
avenues of approach the more you can concentrate your base defenses on those that remain. It also allows
players to excavate large caverns to store fleets of SVs and HVs and keep them safe.

Op4 has a good example of this located on NA Home World. As it is impossible to give you a personnel tour
I hope these screenshots will help you better picture what I’m trying to describe. So with that being said.

Welcome to Op4 NA HQ

Some Turrets have been removed for security reasons.
Op4 NA HQ consists of 3 Bases with the Cores placed 1,2,3. (remember that) on the second
indestructible layer. These are backed to the red dome wall ensure they do not cross it.

Base 2 (Skull and back wall)
This is your main operating base containing:

  1. Core protection block. (Minimum 5 combat blocks thick) (Level 1 Behind Skull)

  2. Manufacturing & Storage (Well protected but easily accessible w/o using P menu.)(Level 2 Behind Skull)

  3. Repair and Resupply Points. (Located to the far right and left of Skull outside picture view.)
    Each of these two contain ammo required for HV and SV resupply as well as a non connected
    repair pad.(Pads are connected to bases 1 and 3) Base 2 repair Pad is located outside the base
    perimeter wall to allow quick repairs and access to Base 2 through P menu.

  4. Ease of Access.(Blocks or devices marked to identify P menu access to their perspective base.)
    These should be placed at strategic strong points throughout your bases. These are ammo boxes
    that Hold the 5.8mm. (As well as ammo required for other personnel weapons)

  1. Ally Supply Points.(Secure locations containing Ammo and Cargo Boxes)
    These locations allow your allies to both drop off or receive supplies easily. As they are well protected
    you should set the locks to 0000 (public). The use of Ammo boxes labeled 1,2 &3 allow allies to
    resupply your bases defenses with ammunition.

  1. Redundancy.(Power Gen, Fuel & Ammo Storage)
    Minimum two separate locations containing the following spaced behind layers of Combat Blocks.
    Power Gen - 2 large T1 Gens / 4 large T2 Fuel Tanks(Minimum 1 block separation)
    Ammo Storage - minimum 2 ammo boxes per ammo type excluding 5.8mm.(min. 2 block separation)

I’ll continue to update this guide periodically as needed. Any contributions added via comments I will add
into the guide. I hope players find the information useful. Perhaps it will encourage some to settle on PvP
worlds and reap the rewards.