Op4 Tackling ACP

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What happened: “Tackled” by OP4 Colin2Cold in an SV on Homeworld Planet while fighting.
Player(s) with issue: Colin2Cold
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 0821~
Playfield: Homeworld
Structure Name(s): Tavern Wench // [OP4]2Cold
Structure ID(s): Not Applicable, Ask
How can we help you now: Respectfully request that players follow the rules and not belligerently and blatantly break rules in order to gain advantage in fights.

I was floating over TCO base where OP4 was attacking in my CV and attempting to harass and stifle their attack when 2 SV’s flew up over top of me and tried to tackle me. Colin succeeded in doing so while I was retreating.

Supposedly Colin has video, let it be shown here if he so desires.

Screenshot as follows.


Ok, looking at this and reading chat logs it is obviously conceivable that this screen shot shows an attempt at tackling. What it doesn’t show is who flew into who. I’d certainly be interested to see @colin2cold 's Video if he’d care to post it.

What I will say, in case you’re unaware, is that there have been bans dished out on EU in the last couple of days for exactly this and we’re not going to tolerate unfair play, especially from experienced players who should know better.

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I know the bans, I was NOT attempting a tackle. I was simple flying behind him and he ran into me flying up. I have many videos we have been putting together we’d like you to look at. I will send them to you PM. Thank you, We have clear evidence of tackling today as well as many other things.

https://youtu.be/7s52AGZw3P0 Here is one showing ACP tactics.

https://youtu.be/81M4O2S1ULM This is video of ACP using automatic rockets, I’ve played Empyrion Galactic Survival for well over 4500 Hours. I have NEVER seen this before. Raises a lot of questions against them. More coming soon of different ACP tactics.

Neither one of these videos are relevant to the conversation at hand?

Where’s the video of you ramming my CV on Homeworld last night?

The “automatic rockets” is a visual bug that’s been around for a very long time.

The video clearly shows who likes flying into who with CV’s on planet. I have more coming, How about an alternate view for you all to see.

Still waiting on this video of you tackling me on Homeworld, bud.

Morning / Evening Gents.

ok, a couple of things. Firstly, we will of course look at any report / video you want to post but if you want to raise an issue please make a separate post, using the template with Date / Time etc etc to give us half a chance. Its a difficult job as it is without having to wade through irrelevant stuff in a single thread.

With regard to this particular complaint, it would seem that a video of the incident would Exonerate. Do we have that?

@DeeExpus If @Vandruis wants to make false claims with a screenshot that proves nothing then I will let everyone see how they play during combat. It’s constant CV in your face causing your ship to get stuck etc etc. In my defense I was flying above him trying to shoot his rear and he was going up/We collided. I provided real proof of how they are flying/playing so that should be dealt with. @Mattcore37k is going to provide another clip shortly of them using the same CV to ram his SV. It’s also “Breaking components on the inside of our SV’s/Causing in game bugs/crashes” @RexXxuS I think you should see this next one.

The angle that your ship is pointed and how I was literally just backing straight up means you had to actually try and intercept me for us to be in this position…

You know this is against the rules, right?

That video of you guys shooting at the downed HV is literally ranzeth trying to bodyblock you guys from shooting at the HV as a shield, intentionally avoiding your SV’s so he’s not tackling you. If he was trying to really tackle you he would have flown at you constantly instead of trying to consistently place himself over top the HV.

Come on, lets provide some documentation for the incident at hand please.

Yes I am aware of it being against the rules. Are you aware of your faction doing the same thing you accused me of? I am providing solid proof, you’re just accusing me with a picture of your ship slamming into mine. “Hense the reason my ship is so far into his is because he started backing up before I could reverse and slammed into me so I was shoved deep into his armor” if I was tackling you my ship wouldn’t be inside of yours it would be on top of it.

Sorry, i was getting bombarded a little … ok post away …

I was backing up to go back into orbit and you literally flew up and over top me to stop me from leaving and ended up clipping inside my ship…

Isn’t that the definition of tackling?

Can we see the video yet?

see response HERE