Operation Iron Flood

So we (LoT) have been watching the happenings in the HWS community carefully over the last week or two carefully, and helping where we can. Be it in answering questions, clearing areas, pushing for faction alliances, etc…
So it is time for the operation I have called Iron Flood, One which we have been silently preparing for for the last week or so. Over the next few days, approximately 600 thousand iron ingots will be reaching the markets at various trading posts, evenly distributed across the starter markets, and the origin trading posts. These will appear to be posted by about half a dozen people, but will all be posted for the temporary price of 2.6 Credits per ingot. This is exactly half of what I have estimated the current market demand, and will be first come first serve. We will also be putting up generous purchase orders for promethium, fiber, and various other small items that are not risky to obtain, but are tedious, thus weighting the orders to be more advantageous to new players.
The idea here is to offset the current shortage in the universe of basic materials that is holding back so many new entries to the universe, and to hopefully serve as a stopgap to hold everyone over until a more permanent solution comes, and the market settles in to a steady state.
Orders will begin to be posted tonight at app 2000 Eastern, and will be replenished as regularly as possible by LoT personnel until supplies run out.


Just too nice :stuck_out_tongue: I do hope enough is left for the new players that need the help.

Good to know :slight_smile: I should also note I have a decent handful of fiber when I eventually mosey on over to your planet

there’s still tons of Iron in the Mkt place… Didnt see much of anything else yet.

I will be diversifying the buy offers a bit more today, the ones I had up went very quickly. We are also monitoring which locations buy at what speeds, and will use these as semi permanent sell locations moving forward.

smart! nice work McP.

Another 110k Posted last night. Nearing the end of the operation, we will be focusing on Starter posts, and hubs of each origin.