Ophiophagus is out!

Hi Ho …lovly Guys…
The Wall…is done …XD i give my own a job…show PKA …the limit i am done after four days full raid with fights like seven hours i am really done. I need to sleep and i see there is no chance…no chance to get a ship from my enemy or ressources cause…there come six seven eight ships…attack my base …my baby my lovely base and what do my Base…right nothing …the turrets are confused dont shoot. Why they dont shoot ? to much targest i dont know and i dont care …so they try to enter my base from the air but it dont works …cause the base is good…well Ophio good job from the air the dont can get in…what now…ah they coming from the bottom. Okay lets fight…and then …my turrets my hoover dont shoot …the make a littel hole shoot out from the hole and my turrets can not take a target …well okay i make it by my self and shoot manuel…and i do …seven f.ucking hours …and i win…no way to come in…but…if i wanna have my base i need to be online 24h i dont get any ships any resources …i mean combatsteel btw…but i need …need iron to repair…i got a a lovely clan he help me all so nice without this guys …no way to win this week. But …i am done there is no way to fight a good fight …there is no way to get a ship down …there is no way to have fight with my turrets cause everything is buggy …i love this hws server rexxus and the team great job they still give this game a life…i was on 4.0 then 5.0 coming i hope there will be a better server performence …but no way …to 6.0 there is no since thta this piont will be swich. So what i can do ? minern ? …fly arround …died cause lagshoot destroy my cockpit…or dc in the fight …wait five minutes to get back into the fight …lost my ship cause can not connect…no way…lets try a base i told my friends…and jeahr …you can defend a base…but is a 24 h job…no way …XD i got all what i need i beat PKA …i am your PAIN IN YOUR ASS XD and i wanna say thx for the fights …was really a lot of fun best fights i ever had…but i need to leave this shi.t i cant hold this base longer more…this game is so nice …the idea is great…the comunity is very cool…but …the server say no XD i wanna thx SWP for the fights i wanna say thx to WOOODY lovely GUY my bro in this war time. I wanna say thx to Stunner for the CV fights good guy …wanna say thx to THEKill the faction U-P Rexxus Achilles …well …but for me i am sorry maybe i have a look in the beta but for now i am over and out :slight_smile: lovely greats at all my fans rofl stay cool stay nice nice greetz


The worst thing - PKA place 10+ HVs, and they SHOOT… Siege broken to hell…

Gl Ophiophagus! I hope we meet u in next versions, mb devs find some power/ideas/sense to fix this sh*ty PvP in Emp.

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thx to you ophi! Great crazy guy :joy:

Now UP has a problem. who fights now against that workless every night attacking PKA ? :sweat_smile:

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Hi! Im from PKA that has been involved with attacking base on iceworld. You have had the best and most difficult base I have seen so far, (and I have seen alot!) Sorry to see you taking a brake due to the performance that is really a gamebreaker for PVP, but I understand…get frustrated myself sometimes and try to remind mysef that the game is in alpha. You have however provided us with a challenge that I did not belive to see! We had alot of fun and frustration attacking the base on iceworld! Thanx for your gameplay and I hope to see you back with more challenges!

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I’m sorry to see you go Ophiophagus! It’s been a great pleasure to try to take down your base, and you’ve done a great job defending it ( as Loke already mentioned)! I hope we’ll see you back in the game, you make it more interesting to play :slight_smile:

P.S. I still want that coffee :wink:

Sorry to see you leave mate. Your base is amazing and it has been some very late nights for us all and we still did not break you. I agree that the server needs updating like the NA one and maybe the PVE server needs deleting to free up some cash for the more popular servers. Hope you return at some point and thanks for the great fights (PKA Hedge3)

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Thx to you Ophi, was a pleasure to fight with you against pka everytime! Hope to see you again soon and i’m quite sure you will come back after some time :wink:

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