Orbit Limitation

hello there, any suggestion on how to block certain orbits to specific factions, otherwise, how to set a dedicated orbit to a specific faction?
Ty in advance

U cant. Not possible current in the game

I meant Races, not Player Factionsā€¦ 0,1,2

U cant. U cant limit it. U can only limit it in a instance. HWS is useing a own made script to get it done. They wont share it with the public (yet). The game doesnt allow u in anyway to prevent factions/origins limitations in orbits/planets. Only in a instance u can limit it

Ok, Ty

Since the requests are quite high about it and we separated most of the parts from the storry in the last month, we are looking into it right now to make it public soon.

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Great, you doing a Huge work on this, we all appreciate