Orbital Cargo Drone

Hm maybe it is time for my older idea. I thought about it for HWS Story 2.0 but it is kind of game changing. I maybe make a separate thread for it but what you think of a personal orbital cargo drone? I mean HWS is always a bit ahead in terms of features so let me introduce your personal orbital cargo drone:
Every player playing on HWS has this. He can place stuff from his inventory to a limited 30 slot “box”. It is kind of an orbital cargo drone you can call and it is bringing / pick up your stuff. No one can steal it. Like the Auto Miner Ores. It is only visible for you (HWS Connect). It could work like eb:loadin or eb:loadout -> everything from your handslot (1-9) will be brought away or brought in (make sure you have space there etc.).

In terms of balancing: someone is raiding you, has tons of ammunation + weapons in his OCD (Orbital Cargo Drone) and can just continue the attack after death. So eb:loadout is free but eb:loadin costs you 1000 CR for example. Still imba? Maybe only once per day? #discussion
In terms of implementation: easy #jaschapro
In terms of faction 2.0? Maybe some factions can loadout twice per day? Or for free? Or have more slots than 30? #discussion

That will not only change the PvE carebear discussions that will / could change quite a lot.

Hmm… what do you think?


OCD is interesting and I think you guys should test it out. Happy to be a guinea pig. :slight_smile:

A few thoughts:

30 slots is tiny. If this is to be used as a “repository of goods” I would think 60 or more. Perhaps you can buy upgrades to the OCD like we do Autominers?
Loading in should be free and unlimited.
Loading out should be free but limited.
Limit withdrawals based off of your Faction type - some ideas around withdrawal limits just to get the discussion going:

Lawless - 1 per week
Pirate - 1 withdrawal per day
Trader - unlimited
Bounty Hunter - 5 per day
Alliance - 10 per day

After all, this (OCD or PVE planet BA) is a safety net for those players that lose everything in an attack or wipe. Knowing you don’t have to spend 5 days mining again just to get back into the game after spending so much time is a HUGE positive to keep playing. Restart fatigue is a royal b|%ch as you know and this can really help with that.


So would the resource drone be effectively like a bank?

So say i am getting raided how many slots of storage will my drone have?

Maybe it could be upgradeable like autominer to increase both storage-capacity and number of withdrawls?


Best regards

Yes like you can see from the posts above.
An upgrade is possible and yes it is like the Auto Miner ores. A save bank / storage only you can access / see in HWS Connect.

Thank you for your quick reply Rexxus!

Loving the sound of this idea the more i think of it! :smiley:

I like the idea but it would need a lot of balance and testing to make it fair for everyone to use.