ORIGIN not showing in HWS

i started on guardian starter planet and then moved out into the universe and my HWS player stats shows me as “undefined” when do i get the guardian tag?
This is important if i am to be allied with other guardians.

i would also like to ask why “OCD” is disabled when not on starter planet then how do you get to use it? run back to starter planet? to use?

Thanks for any info on this.


Hey Welcome!!..

Its says undefined also for me even if Im a guardian and im inside the planet dont worry about that.

About OCD it was made mainly to keep you safe from wipes and not as a way to play keeping your items all the time safe. There must be a reward for when you kill someone or you get killed.

You can still use it at the starting planet same as on the elemental market.

Enjoy your stay!!

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