Our CV are vanishd

Why our cv are deleted without Information/warnings?

They are deleted if you dont access them in 7 days

Also all structures must be named default named structures (BA, CV, SV & HV) will be reposed by server

Everything I have is gone. Iv been away on holiday for a week and my only faction member now struggles to play (Even though he logged on 5 days ago) Im really pissed off, so you cant even go away on holiday, to be quite frank that’s shit.

i think Vorty means “renamed” – dont leave them default.

This rule changed with 5.1 and was discussed in forum. for now if youre going on holiday, you’ll want to reach out to Achilles or the staff. theyre building a system to put yoursself on holiday – its not as straightforward as you may think.

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Tnx for your answer it will be helpfull i think :slight_smile:

Tbh bud it’s not, everyone wanted a non wipe server and the only way to do that and maintain the server at an optimal level is to A). Impose limits on structures both in size and devices and also amount.
B). Due to a non wipe universe (except black hole) structures that have not been visited within a week are considered unimportant thus removed.
(Close proximity to create entry in intruder log is not enough for the structure to appear as visited, enter it and access devices).
So it’s more nessacery than shit I’m afraid. Like hop mentioned you must speak to admins if you plan to be away for more than a week, this being said what server are you on? If your on NA I can help you get going again


I appreciate here has to be limits but the admins must also realise that people will have time away for holidays, my friend cant play now because he’s now working in a shared office so he no longer has his pc at home. Ive been trying to recruit to my faction for several weeks but no ones applied so what do I do? I’m aware of the wipes on starters but I was on Neptune
and my CV’s were deep in orbit around that planet. An hour before I left to go on holiday I made sure all my units had fuel etc for the week and I logged on within an hour of being home. I’m a paid up donator but I cant use my OCD because Im on a PVP planet. The admins have a difficult time balancing things but theyre making this server more unattractive to play on, the previous week Neptune surface was wiped meaning I had to spend hours digging my base out now I’m back from holiday and everything gone. I read the rules but don’t wont to spend all my time reading this forum.

Thanks fo you offer of help BlackVortex but Im from th UK and on the EU server.