Our CV was deleted

Dear Admins

Our CV, the majestic HMS Minerva, got deleted, and thus, all our stuff is unfortunately gone.

We are sure this is an error though, and therefore we would like to get it back.

We had our CV parked right next to guardian Marketplace, filled up and ready to defend the galaxy. It was parked in orbit this saturday, around 1300GMT. However, when we logged in yesterday, it was gone. When checking our structure commander we could see that it was deleted entirely, but it listed an unnamed CV as present in orbit. We found this odd though, as we never had an unnamed CV in orbit, and when we flew to the listed coordinates, there was no ship at all.

Friday, we had flown out to recover another CV that was draining our funds in taxes. We were very thorough in deleting these after, and after making sure that every block was gone, we logged out, safely assured that we had one base, and one CV in total.

My guess is that the game somehow did not register one of the small CV’s as deleted, and therefore, according to rules, we had one to many in starter, and our main CV filled with every hour of work, was removed due to rules.
However, we did not in fact have an extra CV, and certainly not in orbit, as we did all disassembly on the moon, and my opinion is that our CV got removed due to an error, or misunderstanding.

As it was completely deleted from structure commander, we don’t even have the ID number.
Last known position of the ship was approx. Guardian Marketplace, and it was last seen saturday 1300GMT ish.

We love this server, and do everything to follow the rules. But its no fun to have all your stuff deleted in what we think is an unfortunate mistake.

Is there any way to get our ship back?

Thank you for all your work,

Wafflepops, Crayclay and Nielsen, faction !TA, HWS EU

So just to recap: You parked your CV in pvp space next to a landmark. And now it is gone.
Hopefully you see where I am going with this.

There are marketplaces at Uranus and also in the starter orbit. He didn’t specify which one, but I’m betting it was starter orbit.

Thanks for all the infos Waffel and sorry to hear that you logged in without stuff.

Sadly a bad Game-bug set many ships to public in that orbit at that time.
Was only a matter of time until someone took them. So its noones fault but a bad bug. We gave all infos further to the devs.

I PM you about what we can do.

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Ok I stand corrected. I hear parked next to market, it seems like a simple thing to figure out what happened lol

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