Overloaded PVE zone should go PVP

Like the title said. If its past the core limit, and will wipe anyways if the cores aren’t reduced, have the players help clear the field of useless junk.

Give a warning first of course, but if anything else, people will move their ass to get out of that system.



Make it an event, pirate factions temporarily work together to wipe the planet for LOOTZ.

I like the idea. PvP until a certain core number is reached :slight_smile:

Hmm, problem with that is then people will say well then all I have to do is make my base stronger in defenses than the next guy and all those extra defences they put down will add to the core limit, would be better to have a lottery and people who “win” get to loose their cores randomly :stuck_out_tongue: until core is at stable limits. If people want to ignore core limit then they have to pray that theirs survives xD.

by extra you mean another base, because size doesn’t increase cores. And when it goes pvp, the players on this server will cleanse.


Well… If the playfield is already full, opening it up to PvP will probably be the final nail in the coffin.

Think about it. It’s full and a few more cores means auto wipe. Opening it up for other people to raid means more cores will arrive (people gotta get there somehow) and BAM. It’s now a dead playfield.


yeah sure all you loud pvp players want pvp everywhere, but I settled on that planet in the beginning and its not my fault people can’t read server messages. If you wanna do that see how you lose people over time cause punishing everyone for a few idiots is not a good idea. Im all for punishing the people that settled on Ju once the message appeared but why is it my fault?
there is enough pvp as it is, pve is not everywhere. the only real pve planet was Ju up until now and the more important resources can only be gained in pvp now. so stop pretending its all pve and no pvp…

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Hence using a buffer, then the cores will fall fast. Plus just the threat will get the cows moving.

The server doesnt care when you got there, nor does all the other carebears. It will wipe and you will lose everything. This way, there is at least a chance of keeping it. So lose everything or fight for it? Pretty simple.


This is just a good way for @Abrum13 to offline raid a bunch of PVE’ers. Imagine the people who don’t know what’s going down… “Logs in to me standing there shooting their stuff up” … Next thing you know people are posting “Rex why the F did you say it was PVE and then let people come rape me”. Would literally cause WAY more problems for the server then it would fix. I love you Abrum but this is dirty lol :sweat_smile: I will soon be building on PVP and have loads of loot for you all. Just be patient. :heart:

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Yet again you are the biggest hypocrit. I have no need to offline raid anyone troll.

Imagine the people that log in and all their stuff is gone because the zone wiped. Pretty sure RexXxus is good at making posts then pointing at them. Its like you’re incapable of using logic. You were “LITERALLY” just crying about Carebears taking over the server, looks like your turning into one.

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It was a joke relax! Lol I’m just saying that this would cause a lot of crying/headache for Rex.

If they disallow private bases on Ju that would probably solve the core problem for a while.

My biggest point for this is people can be like sheep. They will just mill around and ignore all warnings till a wolf starts eating them.

Oh, permanent pvp base? You mean until you log out?

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Until someone loads up a carrier full of ships and cores, and warps in to push a playfield over limit when they want to be able to raid it…

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They track everything. I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t be hard to put some general rules down. What you just pointed out is something they can already do to overload the system and get it to wipe.


Rules don’t work, becuase people will abuse them anyways and make excuses xD game mechanics >> rules

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Get it to wipe, yes. But there is no motivation to do that, other than screwing up the game for others. When a player can effectively decide to switch a playfield to pvp on demand, you open up to FAR more exploitation with the guilty party just saying they were there to clean up.
Not saying its difficult to track, just that it would happen.

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I disagree, there’s plenty of trolls that would torpedo a system. They already have limits on what you can have in a system. And the limit is like 250 cores, once it drops below it simply goes back to pve.

Again the main point is this as an alternate to the system wiping.

You try to fight the symptoms, not the origin of the problem.

I started HWS on sunday, i am the best PVP carebear in the galaxy and did need in deed 2 days for full equip/supply/setup.

Congratulations, this is extremly long for me ! Mostly because relevant info is missing and mods are not described very well, but also because of the 3 new PVE planets.

PVP homeworld sector is empty, why should someone go there at a risk ?

Now look at the 3 new PVE planets… thousands of autominers and vessels…this is very LOL.

You simply destroyed HWS and made it the same like all other I-Live-in-PVE-and-venture-to-PVP servers.