Part of CV Deleted, Unknown Issue

Tonight on Feb 5th 2017 Myself and a faction member engaged in combat on pluto with a ZC member’s cv. We traded shots for a while and moved between the planet and the orbit playfield several times. We disengaged and headed back to our base. At this point neither of our ships had sustained heavy damage. I put my ship on our repair pad and fiddle with it a bit because I was having issues getting it to repair. I also went to reload my guns and ran into the ammo eating glitch so I decided to log out and back in. Upon loging back in I noticed a very large chunk of my CV missing. I figured this was a rendering bug so I used an SV to go far enough to unrender the ship and rerender it. I also messed around with adding/removing blocks to artificially inflate/deflate the class size to see if that would get the blocks to reappear. as a last ditch attempt I warped to gabriel, entered the planet playfield, exited back to space and warped back to my home base to try and get the missing components to render again.

At this point I checked the statistics of my ship and it is missing around 1500 blocks, along with a handful of devices, including a cockpit that I had been maneuvering the ship from when I was attempting to get it lined up with the repair pad. I am not sure what caused this issue and I know for a fact that the earlier combat did not do this damage to my ship.

Server: NA
Time: between 9:30 and 10:30 PM CST
Ship: U.S.P. Predator 18057044

I have screenshots of the “after”, none of the before, but I do have screenshots of what the ship is supposed to look like. If you need the screen shots or information about the ships location let me know, I would like to keep that off the public forum.

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