Patch 1.9 got released and applied

Good Morning @everyone
Patch 1.9 got finally released and HWS servers are updated.

I updated my HWS+ bundles and will do the new Vanilla stuff merge a bit later. Some of it is bad, so I cherry pick.

HWS RE bundles need to be done by Ravien / Vermillion but they are not updating their stuff in time. Whenever they are done, I’ll merge their stuff into HWS RE.
Until then, anything that requires their bundle update, will look weird / non existent for you.
Projectiles like the one from X-Corp PR for example will just be a glowing light.
Everything works and shoots: it’s just not rendered, because they need to update their bundles with the new Unity version.

Not much to say about the patch itself, except from some things that you as community contributed to, for example:
• the very annoying and damaging behavior of losing your connected toolbar items during a disconnect, should be hopefully fixed now.
I chased this bug for a long time and with your help, I could make it better reproducible.
Please let me know if everything works good now.

Other than that, the best thing about this patch is some new stuff for Creators. For example spawning OPVs via the PDA. I implemented it in my eWPDA tool:
This allows me to create some nice Last Man Standing events for you (it’s also what you guys really wanted: Discord)

Lastly, it’s patch day guys. You know what that means… :smirk: :crossed_fingers:
||(this patch has big regression potential)||

P.S.: Reminder: Patch 1.9 does not require a full wipe!
HWS RE started on 30th September, so it will full wipe / start a new season on 30th December.
HWS+ started on 23th September, so it will full wipe / start a new season on 23th December.

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I hope the Zirax have lost their Aimbot implant with 1.9 :stuck_out_tongue:

i BEG you to use the 1.9 weapon models in hws+, this pistol and rifle that are there now are excidingly ugly …

and look custom made…

Hmm my base was deleted on logging in ? Will it be restored ?