Paxxo Schnaxxo got BIG BIG Problems ! xD

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:

Ok so we Fighted Jupidor agains Pinkmaster Paxxo joined me he warped from Jupidor back to Binomi and warped back to jupi to be closer to Goldfield. After he did this he Turn “Enemy” ! RED <- ok we are in Red Faction but after he turn his ship to Faction the bug fixed for a while.
After the fight i go back to Donor System RED and his complete Base / ships Start shooting me my CV start shooting on him too !

After a while to come back Home (system) and all Base / ships start shooting HIM !? we dont know whats going on he try to fix with “Privat / faction switch” but its hard ! pls help whats going on ! Paxxo will send u a video he recording

edit : he is in faction but not in list ! ?!

Player(s) with issue:

Paxxo ,


Time (cb:time):



Jupidor / Rev-1

Structure Name(s):

All ships / bases of Paxxo

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:

idk new bug ?


uhh… so only private structures are the problem?

@Paxxo1985 : do you see anything strange when you open the console? Can you send us your client logs please?
Does Paxxo have still control over his ships?
Did you use any commands / chatbot commands before you turned red? Or anything else you remember?
Is Paxxxo alxso enemie to his ships?

i send you discord message with video

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