Paying other people tax

PKA 926 1302870 1026 Peacekeeper HQ 16 andrea’s newbi cv 24191 99 1000
andreadavies822 92 1302870 1026 Peacekeeper HQ 0 ANDREA’S BASE 569035 81 1000
these are the only thing in pks hq that belong to me privetly
Why am i paying for other peoples sv and cv’s.
We have done a gold run with the faction owner enough to pay the tax for the pks hq base and everyone else in pks should be paying there own taxes as wekll as placing this hear i will also obe on later on tonight to make sure everyone names there vessles and there bases in there name so you can see who belongs to who as far as the tax goes as its not fair opther ppl paying other ppls tax fair enough if we in faction ask each other to help out but as i have not been on latly i have been unable to implement this. plz double check this thankyou

Welcome to PVP! :smiley:

The downside living in pve with an big faction :wink:

Thanks andrea,
it is because one faction stands or falls together. If everyone set their stuff to private it is only their taxes. But faction is a united unit.

As I said hold on a bit we are currently a lot stuff doing behind the scence.

yea no worries rex