PDA Missions Broken?

I’ve been trying to do different PDA mission, but I’ve run into a few snags. Firstly, with the Survival Mission activated, I cannot get the check box for killing 10 Shotgun Ziraks to complete. I’ve tried killing them on different play fields thinking that might have something to do with it. I’ve also tried to do it on different servers still with no luck. Secondly, I tried to do the EGS Resource Deposit Hunt I. When I reached the black hole, it gave me the coordinates to the ship, where I could find loot, but no lone commander to kill. I’ve searched the entire ship front to back, in and out. I think I see spots behind some containers that looks like it might be a hidden room; however, the ship is an alien core (purple). I can’t damage, or remove, anything on the ship to look further into “hidden” places the commander may be hiding. Not sure if this is a bug, or I just don’t know what I’m doing. Take this for example. I cannot find an EGS Star in the home world system, not can I find the HWS welcome center on Santuary. I even got the coordinates to where it’s supposed to be and it isn’t there. Lastly, since I’m having some problems with more than one of the PDA missions, I’m wondering if they are working correctly.

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I think the problem is the Sanctuary server here. It is not 100% maintaned as I wished it would. Another reason to shut it down. Just too much overload.
Will try to complete it though.

Ahh okay. Well If I knew enough to help, I’d probably know enough not to have that much responsibility! Tip of the hat to you for making all this happen. I enjoy playing